Our Approach

For each of our clients, we shoot for the moon, knowing that if we miss, we will land among the stars. We are not your typical cookie cutter, 21st century digital marketing agency… We are are a group of marketing experts with a very specific set of skills that work directly with our clients to enable their businesses to dominate the digital space. There are no layers of executives or account managers to work through, you partner directly with our talent.

We start every engagement with a phone consultation and a basic audit to understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. We seek to understand your needs and goals. Not every client is a good fit for us as we focus on businesses that are hungry for growth.

Our Story

Our co-founders were fortunate to have learned from SEO and content marketing since the birth of modern search engines. Now with over a 100 clients, decades of experience, and an ever changing digital landscape we are evolving. We are building a digital marketing agency for the future, one that anticipates changes in the digital space and is accountable for performance. We are scaling rapidly to satisfy the needs of our clients, fueled by our relentless drive to deliver results for them.

Meet the Team

AAA Digital Marketing’s greatest asset is our people. Our team is made up of a diverse set of individuals from a variety of backgrounds in several locations that are passionate about what they do. The common bond that ties us together is making sure our clients succeed and reach their goals.

David Seerveld

Founder & CEO

When David is not plotting world domination or selling his soul to google, he is spending quality time with his wife, 4 kids, or walking his beloved dog Doodle.

Jeff Kurtzman

VP, Strategy

Jeff’s passion for results keeps him working at all hours of the night, crafting complex and strategic marketing strategies for our clients. When not at work, Jeff is stuck in Baltimore traffic wishing he had a Tesla.

Chloe Billitteri

SEO Specialist

Chloe is a diehard Florida native who has a deep desire to help others. She has the unique ability to tackle large projects with ease and develop complex SEO strategies. She loves fishing, animals, and winning.

Chris Murphy

Senior Web Engineer

A master of speed, precision, and technology, Chris can wrangle any layer of the technology stack. He dreams of coding in his sleep and wakes up with the most elegant solutions to our toughest technical challenges.


Director of SEO

To determine what works, Elizabeth is always trying out new tactics to improve our client’s rankings. In her free time, she is researching her next place to travel and explore.

Want to work with us…

We are hardcore problem solvers that produce world class results and love doing it. You will really enjoy working with us, we are a blast!